It all begins with a word!

It all begins with a word!

Hello World!

I have been making computer programs that can print the two words written in the first line for years now, and on every other programming language I have come across. Today, I write this as a blogger.

I have little experience of writing on things relating to commerce and finance. All I know is the world the way I see it. Most of the people out there might disagree and some may agree to my view of life.

I have been thinking of putting down some words, for the whole world to read, for quite some time now. I think acting upon my ideas are better than just thinking about them. Who knows maybe someone finds it helpful and thus makes me a person who did not just wander this Earth like a ghost, who said or wrote nothing, being non-existent.

I believe in super natural beings though. It was just an expression.

I do not know how many people will read these posts. All I’m doing is expressing my thoughts for any weary traveler, on the digital and virtual paths of the World Wide Web, who has a story to tell and have not find it in him/herself to put it out there for everyone to hear it. Let others know you exist, for your biological clock is always ticking away.


Signing off,


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