The Fear Before One Has Taken That ‘One Step’

The Fear Before One Has Taken That ‘One Step’

A sudden urge to return to blogging. Knowing for a fact I have no readers till now but I don’t want to stop myself from sharing my thoughts with the world wide web.

Here I go… Vroom… Vrooom…

No matter how far one has to go, one has to take that first step. And have to make sure that every step after that is in the direction that DOES-NOT-SCREAM “Backwards”.

Living in Pakistan, I have always thought that, one just doesn’t get much opportunities, at times none at all. I have first hand experienced the fatal blows dealt to me by ‘fate’ or simply it was just my inability to speak for myself. The things that never surfaced or may be never will, and could have if I had just pushed myself to achieve those small goals.

I, a person who regrets little and have written the paragraph above, have come to realize something and it may just be wrong but the ability to doubt yourself is good at times. If one were to analyse a problem and not think about all possible solutions and the merits and demerits of applying one of the solutions, will end up in a bind most of the times. I hope people will come up with more and more ways to get people thinking, especially in Pakistan.

Are we done for?
Is it really curiosity that killed the cat?
Or was it just simple disregard for learning caution and much much more?


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