One of my Articles on Ezine@rticles

A while back, before I started this blog, I posted an article on “” .

I think it’s something I should share here as well. Being a motivational piece, that urges the reader to keep on going with their life – keep on living.

So, just follow the link if you are interested in reading it:


3 thoughts on “One of my Articles on Ezine@rticles

  1. Great post. I have question though . Do you add tags to your post, because if you don’t( which I think is the case) it will not reach most people who read within tags. You should add tags, and categories , because you write pretty notch up.


    1. First off all,
      I’m thankful that you have given my writing that high a regard.
      Of course I do add tags now. Back then, when I made this post here, I really wasn’t concerned if one would read it or not. Thanks for pointing it out and as you see I posted it almost two years ago, I had totally forgotten about this post.
      I’ll like to inform you about my new blog that is solely dedicated to my writing which is:
      I post my latest work there now, it has all the bells and whistles!
      Hope you’ll keep on following my blogs and give your keen advice wherever you feel necessary!
      Thanks once again,

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      1. Oh! I am so sorry. I was going through posts and didn’t see any tags and so I pointed out. But like you said they are old posts and so that was my fault.
        Sure I will look for your posts. As to me giving advice, I am not much experienced in writing as you would notice, so not the best person to give advice. I will keep on keeping on.
        Happy writing.

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