Farming Earthworms – The way forward?

Farming Earthworms – The way forward?

As per an old habit I have been off grid. Not posting a word here. And then
I came to this point in time where I have nothing to do, nothing at
I’m typing this on my phone as I can’t sleep and the thought of
writing some of what I have been experiencing, the last few days, just
popped up in my mind.
First and foremost it has made me very down to earth. Now I’m putting
it like this because it is an attempt to make a lame joke about the
place, my cousin’s home, which I’m visiting is also a farm for earthworms.
Now you must be like, what?
Yes, a small in-house (very controlled) farm for earth worms.
My cousin has a passion for fishing thus has all the gear and the very
hard to find, live bait, to go on his fishing spree.
As he has more bait than he can handle, what does he do with it?
Ofcourse, he exchanges it for paper which has monetary value – Pakistani Rupees.
Earth worms anyone?
Your choice!


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