A Breath of Fresh Air…

A Breath of Fresh Air…

Hey there! Readers,

I don’t know whether most of you have seen my website’s layout or not, as many people read my posts from the ‘Reader’ section of WordPress. Still I have to inform you about the significant changes I have made on my blog.

I totally changed the theme, there I said it. 

Now you can see my posts, and the recent posts on my other blog ‘Words of Aqua’, in the best way possible – for now. Before I used to post each and everything about my second blog but now, I was thinking that even if I don’t, you guys/gals can check it out – only if you want to.. not imposing or anything – on the sidebar of the current blog you are reading from, if you are using a mobile device.. you can go to the ‘Menu’ button on the top right side and proceed to the link of ‘Words of Aqua’ page. So, Yeah!radio-1773304_1280

Thanks for tuning in,


11 thoughts on “A Breath of Fresh Air…

    1. Have been doing that, I believe in appreciating other people’s work and being a critic once in a while, so have been up and about, still I don’t impose on each and everyone.
      Thanks for thinking about my blog(s) and me.
      (P.S. You will be my next choice if I decide to add another world to explore on my blog ‘Words of Aqua’, it’s the links to blogs that I recommend to others on WoA’s sidebar)

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      1. If you see, I post whatever I feel like in my personal blog, and my poetry (and hopefully my short stories and complete books) in a ‘newer’ blog: Words of Aqua.
        If I want someone to read my work I’ll like to refer them to WoA, and if I want them to know me personally I’ll refer them my personal blog.
        Do you think I really put so much effort into writing these articles?
        Let me be frank with you – I don’t.
        (I seriously don’t want to seem like a pompous fool, am just answering honestly to your very empathetic question)

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