I Don’t Know Why!

I Don’t Know Why!

Dear Reader,

There are moments in life, where one asks oneself the following questions:
What am I doing here?
Why did I have to come here?
Is this really good for me?
Does anyone care if I don’t come here?

For me, I always ask myself these questions when I visit our local – barber.

I just don’t know why, but it makes me feel very uncomfortable. I have to rally my thoughts, and really push myself, to even step into that place. I can, at best, explain any barber’s place a no go zone for me; it has been so since my childhood. I really don’t like to just, sit there and, entrust that person with my personal space – my hair. Even turn my head, once in a while, on his behest. Finally pay him for making me feel so uneasy and awkward. I just don’t like it at all.

After going over this post, while proof reading, I feel like I am a horrible person. Even though that barber might be a good person, and I don’t have anything against him or the profession personally, yet from the moment I enter ‘that place’ he appears to me as if an – Overlord.

Enough from me now, share if you like:
What places/events in your life have come, or do come every now and then, where you hope you can avoid them?

I’m all ears,


6 thoughts on “I Don’t Know Why!

  1. I believe, these questions make life more purposeful. Lacking an explanation for two legs and two arms and only one head has made the smallest thing in the world, one of the most appreciated. There are so many enigmas to God’s works, and each day we have the privilege to appreciate them! Great post, truly relative~

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