A Few Types of Bloggers On WordPress

A Few Types of Bloggers On WordPress

My Readers,

I have to confess, I’m a straight forward person.
I’m the guy who speaks/writes his mind.

So, here I go.

After all this time blogging over here, I have found out about the few types of bloggers that you might find here on WordPress and where I stand among them.
check-mark-304890_640-small means yes that’s what I’m doing here and cross-mark-304374_640-small means no that’s not me.
Easy right?

Now, some bloggers:
– write about whatever they feel like writing. check-mark-304890_640-small
– want to encourage people to keep on writing. check-mark-304890_640-small
– are here to read all that they can. check-mark-304890_640-small
– might ‘show you’ that they like what you write just so you can keep
visiting their blog(s). cross-mark-304374_640-small
– just write because they want to write. check-mark-304890_640-small
– have serious worries about the world they want to share. check-mark-304890_640-small
– are just bored and had nothing much to do thus started blogging. cross-mark-304374_640-small
– who comment sincerely. check-mark-304890_640-small
– who want to benefit, monetarily or otherwise, from it (at some
juncture if not right away). check-mark-304890_640-small

That’ll be all from my side, now you may share with me what you think as your comments are always welcome.

Always hoping for more readership,


17 thoughts on “A Few Types of Bloggers On WordPress

  1. I think you’re quite right. The thing is, I guess we can never really know which they are – so while we’re all here, I’d say let’s write what we want to write, read what we want to read, share our thoughts as they come, and in time, the people who are aligned with us will find us 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Doing exactly that, writing which ever issue comes to mind and hoping to find more people who think the same.
      Not unlike yourself.
      Thanks for sharing your views! 🙂
      Do frequent my blog(s).


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