Such A Pleasure!

Such A Pleasure!

Hey Readers,

I’m dropping by to give you all some updates:

1. Have been having these long talks and debates with fellow writers (professionals and amateurs) over what’s really good and what is not (after reading some written material of mine or theirs).

It all boils down to a few phrases:
‘I think’ or
‘In my opinion’ or
‘I’d prefer it to be like this’.
The point is to never go in guns blazing and say:
“There’s a grammatical error.”
And later come to know it is just one’s preference.
I always try to ask the writer/author of a text, if I think there is something not very usual among what they have written, by saying:
“You meant to write that, yes?” and such.

If there’s a much better way to convey your doubt(s) at what someone else wrote, which might not go with you, please do share.

2. One of my pieces (poem) got mentioned earlier today in a blog post.
Thankful to the blogger who felt the need to mention it as something she prefers others must read!

I’ll leave you with these words:

“Never take a literary person lightly; 
each of us writes for our own reasons and influences.”


2 thoughts on “Such A Pleasure!

  1. Totally agree with you. Its very heartwarming and supportive when someone points out errors in a positive way.
    And a little thank you can mean a lot!
    – im loving the variety of your writings! Keep them coming! ✌

    Liked by 1 person

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