Whoever Writes is a Writer, Yes? Or No?

Whoever Writes is a Writer, Yes? Or No?

Hey Reader,

Today I come to you to share one of my recent experiences.

You see I have this friend, let’s call her Ms. A, on Facebook that PMs me one day out of the blue, and asks this:
“Are you really a writer?”
I reply with: “Yes, I am.”
So then she proceeds with the response:
“Like are you published?
Can I see your work?”
and I answer her: “Of course, here are my blog(s) link(s)”.
So start providing her with the details and then she throws these wordsΒ at me with a bang:
“Oh! So you are a blogger.”
Making it clear that she thinks it’s too easy to be a blogger, and perhaps bloggers are not real writers, she continues:
“I used to blog too, and I don’t even remember the link now.”

Now, maybe I was just being over analytical as usual. Thus, to save the pride I have for my writing I explained to her how I’m writing two separate books, in the fiction genre. Which, obviously, then made her realize why I have my blog(s) going: for future use/gains and such.

So, what I have to ask you– is this:
Have you ever experienced something similar?
What did you feel when you encountered this?
And how did you react to the situation?

You may share your thoughts if you feel like it, your comments are always more than welcome.

Thanks for staying strong and going through the whole post,

I am just writing this post script because, its my piece and, I can.


19 thoughts on “Whoever Writes is a Writer, Yes? Or No?

  1. I had experienced these type of situation, as i am a amateur writer i had just started writing my post on 1st Jan 2017 to give a new turn to my imbalanced life situation.
    I shared one of my article with some of my Facebook friends..
    without knowing any thing they started trolling on mee…
    So i didn’t replied a single word to them… just the next day i shared with them the link of the same post of WordPress in comments… and i captioned it (These comments are much better then yours)
    and the very next hour 4 of them started texting me personally and they were feeling sorry for that… just because they read the comments on my blog…
    Actually none of them had read the post sincerely, they were just having a mind set that he is our friend and we know that he cant write well…
    but they never knew that Heart breaks gives birth to a writer.
    and that was the last day of mine on facebook πŸ™‚

    Normal people will never understand what writer is and what actually writing is…
    They think we just sit and write…
    They don’t know we sit and bleed…

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    1. Don’t let them make you feel bad about yourself.
      Make sure to keep on reading other people’s work and writing your own pieces.
      I like the last two last lines you wrote here, nice thought.
      Good luck with your future endeavors. πŸ™‚

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  2. They are just labels so I don’t care about them that much. I can be called a writer or a researcher since I have written several research papers. However, most consider me a mathematician since my research projects are focused on pure mathematics, particularly number theory and combinatorics. I’m sure that almost no one thought that I am a “writer”.

    They may have considered me a writer when I started doing freelance writing (though they don’t know about it since I’m using a pseudonym). Though others may argue that I’m just a freelancer.

    I haven’t published a book yet so others may suggest that I’m just merely a writer and not an author…

    Finally, when I started my blog 2 months ago, they may now call me a “blogger”…

    So, my point is if you think that you can be called a writer, then you are, regardless of what others speculate.

    “Blogger” may have some negative connotations but it just depends on the perspective. People can put negative connotations to any title whether it’s writer, author, researcher or anything else if they want. But that’s their problem. The most important thing is that you’re happy on what you are doing.

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    1. Nicely put:
      “The most important thing is that you’re happy on what you are doing.”
      And we all know most of us writers are well and good about just writing what we feel writing about.


  3. Writing is an art that can and never will be mastered. There are always great books that become obsolete simply because there are “better” writers around in more modern times or “better” works around based off of current events or ideas. Writing is subjective based off of people’s opinions and desires. One can write a masterpiece and never become known for it until after his/her death because it was written in a time where it was deemed irrelevant. But it’s still a masterpiece, and it was still written at the time it was written.
    I don’t know, I just like to go on and on about random nonsensical things…
    anyway, needless to say, If you write something, you are a writer… though it be good or bad, published or blogged, you still wrote something, and that makes you a writer.

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    1. I totally agree with your views.
      And I do my part in contributing to English literature in any way I can.
      Let’s hope my hard work pays off one day or another.
      Thank you for visiting and commenting, keep on frequenting.
      Cheers! πŸ™‚

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  4. I had a similar mindset as the woman before. I never identified as a writer because it meant I had to have a quantifiable measure to prove it to the world. That mindset changed when I took an Intro to Creative Writing Course. I said I didn’t see myself as a writer. He asked if I write and I answered yeah all the time! He told me to not focus on the title and just do it. When you begin to define what is a “writer” and place the value on it being “published” you reduce the art of it.

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  5. This never fails to make my blood boil, the idea that to be “a real writer” you must be published. It’s so damaging.

    A writer, quite simply, writes. No qualifiers beYong that, you must simply right. You can define it, by saying “novelist” or “poet” or “blogger” but you are still a crafter of words, it is an identity, a thing done for the sake of joy.
    Shame on your friend >:/

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    1. It’s good to know that there are people who believe that whoever writes (no matter published or not) should be known as a writer nevertheless.
      Thanks for letting me know about your views on this topic.
      Keep on frequenting my blogs.
      Cheers! πŸ™‚

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