A Lot Is Happening!

A Lot Is Happening!

Hey Reader,

I have been extremely busy lately, couldn’t even publish a post on this blog, as the title claims I have a lot going on now a days.
Loads of work related stuff and personal.
I was wondering:
How am I going through all this at once?

Anyways, I’ll get to more serious topics concerning my blog(s);
I have been asked to join another blog as a poet but I think it’ll be too much for me to handle it all right now. I don’t want to writeย some half baked pieces and put ’em up there on their blog, that’ll be rude to them.
What I want to know from you is this:
Do you want to see me doing poetry at another blog?
I don’t know if that’ll be a positive thing, as I already have one blog dedicated to poetry!

Also, recently, someone nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award at Words of Aqua blog. I’m thankful to them that they thought of me and my work as such.

Always thankful for your support and appreciation of my work,

I have been accused of being jealous of the writers I promote on my poetry blog by a fellow writer, even after being working hard to get their work across WordPress and Facebook. It hurts me so much when people don’t want to tell the truth about what they feel, and tend to lie; even put the blame on someone else (in this case it’s me) to not feel guilty of their own actions. I don’t know what I have done to the person that one has felt the need to act prejudicedย towardsย me, I just wish they would have told me the truth right from the start.


22 thoughts on “A Lot Is Happening!

  1. You should do whatever feels best for you. If its too much, hang back a bit. If its not something of interest, don’t do it. I find we constantly put ourselves in situations that may not be right for us, because we are afraid to say no. We don’t like to disappoint.

    As for jealousy, sounds like some keyboard commando needs to take a break from the internet for a bit, and worry about their own lives.

    Best of luck with whatever you decide, Ali.

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  2. Ignore the ungrateful bitches! You’re an amazing person.. I’ve known you from the earliest times you started blogging & you are one of the most generous bloggers of all time. .

    And i think you should stick with your poetry blog! Stay happy Ali buddy! โœŒ

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    1. Right you are, about ignoring such people!
      And I’m thankful to you for all the praise and appreciation. I’ll try to keep on striving for the better, and not just for myself but others as well!
      Also looking forward to read more posts from you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I can so relate to this! When you don’t think you’ll have anything going on you plan to do stuff and then suddenly tonnes of stuff comes your way all at once! I’ve come to the conclusion that that’s the only way my life works.

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    1. Just fished your comment out of the spam section!
      I’m grateful that you took the time to comment, again and again,
      until I finally saw and approved (the latter) one.
      Do frequent my blog(s). ๐Ÿ™‚


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