Found An Old Poem Of Mine!

Found An Old Poem Of Mine!

Hey Readers,

I really like to disappear now a days. And let this be known to you, I’m not one of the Horsemen. *Hehe*

Anyways, looking through my Facebook timeline I found an old poem written by me back in 2011. Yes, it has been 6 years and I had totally forgotten about it. I liked it’s ending so shared it on my ‘Words of Aqua‘ blog.

Click on the poem title to read further: Old Woes

Thanks for being here,

Me and my work can easily be found on ‘HelloPoetry‘ now. If you want to take a look 
do visit the site, it has got many good poets/writers there.
Or you can just type “Ali Qureshi Poet” or “Ali Qureshi Poems” in your google search box to find my work there.

I know I love long and boring post scripts. I hope you don’t mind, if you’re still reading that is! 

I Have Returned With This Post

I Have Returned With This Post

Yo! Readers,

For I have reached a place where I can post once in every short a while. I might not be posting as much as I have posted before and you might think that’s just too bad as I know you were really looking forward to read some more enlightening posts from me.

Anyways, I have scheduled a poem (around 8 hours from now) on my other blog so do read it when you have the time.

Thanks and keep on reading,

Such A Pleasure!

Such A Pleasure!

Hey Readers,

I’m dropping by to give you all some updates:

1. Have been having these long talks and debates with fellow writers (professionals and amateurs) over what’s really good and what is not (after reading some written material of mine or theirs).

It all boils down to a few phrases:
‘I think’ or
‘In my opinion’ or
‘I’d prefer it to be like this’.
The point is to never go in guns blazing and say:
“There’s a grammatical error.”
And later come to know it is just one’s preference.
I always try to ask the writer/author of a text, if I think there is something not very usual among what they have written, by saying:
“You meant to write that, yes?” and such.

If there’s a much better way to convey your doubt(s) at what someone else wrote, which might not go with you, please do share.

2. One of my pieces (poem) got mentioned earlier today in a blog post.
Thankful to the blogger who felt the need to mention it as something she prefers others must read!

I’ll leave you with these words:

“Never take a literary person lightly; 
each of us writes for our own reasons and influences.”

A Few Types of Bloggers On WordPress

A Few Types of Bloggers On WordPress

My Readers,

I have to confess, I’m a straight forward person.
I’m the guy who speaks/writes his mind.

So, here I go.

After all this time blogging over here, I have found out about the few types of bloggers that you might find here on WordPress and where I stand among them.
check-mark-304890_640-small means yes that’s what I’m doing here and cross-mark-304374_640-small means no that’s not me.
Easy right?

Now, some bloggers:
– write about whatever they feel like writing. check-mark-304890_640-small
– want to encourage people to keep on writing. check-mark-304890_640-small
– are here to read all that they can. check-mark-304890_640-small
– might ‘show you’ that they like what you write just so you can keep
visiting their blog(s). cross-mark-304374_640-small
– just write because they want to write. check-mark-304890_640-small
– have serious worries about the world they want to share. check-mark-304890_640-small
– are just bored and had nothing much to do thus started blogging. cross-mark-304374_640-small
– who comment sincerely. check-mark-304890_640-small
– who want to benefit, monetarily or otherwise, from it (at some
juncture if not right away). check-mark-304890_640-small

That’ll be all from my side, now you may share with me what you think as your comments are always welcome.

Always hoping for more readership,

A New Comrade!

A New Comrade!

Dearest Readers,

Recently, I found out  that one of my friends, from school days, have decided to start blogging on WordPress. It is really nice to see someone from one’s actual life to get involved  in the same things one does. It is a way of supporting and being supported all at once.

Adding to that, another piece of my work “Delusions or Reality?” was published in my other blog and have received lots of likes, yet I hope someone will let me know how my work is really.

You all might say: “Getting likes is not enough for you?”
I think, getting greedy aren’t I?

Thanks for all your support,