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A, Content, Content Writer!

A, Content, Content Writer!

Hiya All!!

How’s everyone? Doing good?

Been keeping you guys out of the loop for a long time now. But guys and girls, I landed a sweet content writing job. Hoping to excel here as a writer in ways more than one. The routine’s going to be hectic, but matters not, gotta do what you gotta do, right?

Hope you’re having a fun day, and if not, I pray that the sun shines and light up the better side of your face so you can click awesome selfies.

Signing off,

I know there wasn’t much to report and the post was just downright lame (hoping its not but one knows one’s writing best if one’s being honest with oneself). Lots of ones I know, I get it! Lastly, read my recent poem Vicious Cycle, if you got a few more minutes to spare.

Doing Guest Posts on Words of Aqua!

Doing Guest Posts on Words of Aqua!

Hey Readers,

Finally writing about it.
The guest posts on Words of Aqua, that I have recently started doing.

You might all know that I don’t do reblogging over here on my personal blog and the other one, which is solely dedicated to poetry and prose.
So, back to what I was saying:
I don’t know why but I don’t like to reblog, at all.

Still I wanted other people’s work to get some recognition, if not a lot, so decided to have guests writers/poets/poetesses on my blog Words of Aqua.
We, me and my team @WOA, have done two posts up till now:
1. Parallel Universes (by Fiona Meyrick)
2. STRANDED (by Heidi Fraser)

Hopefully, I’ll be able to introduce more new poets/poetesses to you all.

If you want to join us as a guest writer/poet/poetess email us at:

You may let me know about your views, on my initiative, down below.
You’re most welcome to do that.

Thanks for all the support,

I have been asked to keep on writing these post scripts and so I will, but not only cause someone wants me to, as it was something I planned to do so anyway.
I’m thankful to have found myself a muse back when I did, she on the other hand 
doesn’t count herself lucky to be one though.
Also there are people who inspire me and make me write more 
and even better than before so I hope they keep on writing at their best as to keep me doing the best I can.
And may you all, writers, find people or words that inspire to do/write more as well.

That Sad, Guilty Feeling… We Writers Get!

That Sad, Guilty Feeling… We Writers Get!

Cool & Calm Readers,

I’m definitely suffering from that syndrome where writers get this guilty feeling when they haven’t pushed out some words on the paper.

Oh yeah – Writer’s Guilt!

This, indeed, is an empty, sad and a yucky-slimy-wet feeling.

As I’m writing this I feel like something is, vacating some space around my heart, which was quite claustrophobic just a few minutes ago. The easiness in breathing is also a plus point. Writing a few words, a couple of lines actually – just saved my life.

Why don’t I visit a doctor you say?

You might be right assuming that it’s not just cause I wasn’t writing. I should worry about my health, so should every writer.

(Note to self: Just gonna ruin my health anyway.)

So, I must have lost you by now, no? You still here?

Anyways main topic: never back away from writing, no matter how harsh the environment is, it may just save your life. You may just inspire someone else who is far more in need of it. Remember, read and write; then read and write some more.

Remember Me,

(P.S. Found out yesterday that I had encouraged another person, know her from the web, into writing her stories that she was scared of writing. Once again the reason she presented was: she didn’t know how to better describe the ideas in her mind. I told her, in a nutshell – to write first and worry about everything else later. I think of it nothing less than a miracle, the way a writer survives another day – against oneself.)

(P.S. (part two) I know one of the longest postscripts ever, right?
Apologies. Me and my thoughts.. we ramble – like lots.)

 *And my heart will go on and on* ~ so plays Titanic’s theme song in the back.

To Write or Not To Write? Eternal Suffering of a Writer!

To Write or Not To Write? Eternal Suffering of a Writer!

My Readers,

Without sharing with anyone, until now, I have had been banging my head against this virtual wall, in my thoughts, of being a writer and its actual benefits for me in the long run.

Do you have such moments as well?

As the times are, only a select few in this world can really enjoy the life in the fullest and still be a writer. Thus most people, like me, got to study or keep his/her job. Being in a sound financial position is a given, if you want to keep on writing without fearing the days ahead.

Today, I came across this post titled “12 Difficult Things You Need To Accept About Being A Writer” as I was surfing through the dense postings of various bloggers. It reminded me of how I recently was talking to an acquaintance, also a writer, who was wondering – as he can’t explain his story in good way due to his limited vocabulary/writing skills – whether should he just give up?
I responded almost immediately “No!”, realizing a little later that I have said it out loud, I then continued explaining to him that if he did have a story to tell:
“He should never ever give  up.”

I don’t know how many writers out there think of giving up everyday, and actually go through with it, which leads to the sad epiphany that we might just have lost another great story along with their dream of being a writer.

I always shudder when I ponder, on the following questions:
What if J.K. Rowling and/or Stephen King had given up on their goal of becoming a writer?
What if the great writers have given up on their stories?
I just cannot imagine I’d even be here writing this if I hadn’t been inspired by the great writers, naming a few – Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, H. Rider Haggard and previously mentioned the living legends J.K. Rowling and Stephen King.

I hope we all who are striving to become a writer, may it be full time or not, should be able to pursue it under all circumstances because losing a writer is not just that – loss of a writer – but the world opts out on the chance to listen/read the story they had to tell, all those characters that could have jumped out of the pages of their books/blogs will now remain lifeless – forever.

Rooting for a life of writing,