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Found An Old Poem Of Mine!

Found An Old Poem Of Mine!

Hey Readers,

I really like to disappear now a days. And let this be known to you, I’m not one of the Horsemen. *Hehe*

Anyways, looking through my Facebook timeline I found an old poem written by me back in 2011. Yes, it has been 6 years and I had totally forgotten about it. I liked it’s ending so shared it on my ‘Words of Aqua‘ blog.

Click on the poem title to read further: Old Woes

Thanks for being here,

Me and my work can easily be found on ‘HelloPoetry‘ now. If you want to take a look 
do visit the site, it has got many good poets/writers there.
Or you can just type “Ali Qureshi Poet” or “Ali Qureshi Poems” in your google search box to find my work there.

I know I love long and boring post scripts. I hope you don’t mind, if you’re still reading that is!