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Flu Hoo

Flu Hoo


Hey Readers,

You must be thinking:
‘What an unsanitary way of starting a blog post.’

Anyhow, I have got the flu recently; guessing it’s cause of the changing season.

Ahem! The things that I wanted to share with you all today are:
– A stroll at night with my friends,
– And a few words that have been bestowed upon me by my muse.

So, the stroll– it’s not that a person doesn’t stroll out at night but, we, rarely get to see a tree, within a row of trees, that is laden with flowers while the others aren’t.
Thus, asked one of my friends to take a picture of the rather odd but beautiful scene. I’ll be sharing the photo with you right after this word:

flowers on a tree at night 3 copyright
The Lone Tree Signaling Spring  (P.C. Hamza Khan)

Now, that’s said and done, I’ll proceed to the string of words my muse told me just yesterday. And she said– wait for it:

If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die.

This makes so much sense to me, and I think other writers will agree as well. If someone out there is ready to tell one’s tales: moments of life and interactions with others, one can never really die.

What do you all say?

Do let me know about your opinions/views, if you have time to spare.
Your comments are always welcome!


The Lone Tree photo has been used as the featured image for the latest post on my ‘Words of Aqua’ blog, click here to read more. Also, It’s started to get hotter as each day passes– soon it’ll be summer.

Whoever Writes is a Writer, Yes? Or No?

Whoever Writes is a Writer, Yes? Or No?

Hey Reader,

Today I come to you to share one of my recent experiences.

You see I have this friend, let’s call her Ms. A, on Facebook that PMs me one day out of the blue, and asks this:
“Are you really a writer?”
I reply with: “Yes, I am.”
So then she proceeds with the response:
“Like are you published?
Can I see your work?”
and I answer her: “Of course, here are my blog(s) link(s)”.
So start providing her with the details and then she throws these words at me with a bang:
“Oh! So you are a blogger.”
Making it clear that she thinks it’s too easy to be a blogger, and perhaps bloggers are not real writers, she continues:
“I used to blog too, and I don’t even remember the link now.”

Now, maybe I was just being over analytical as usual. Thus, to save the pride I have for my writing I explained to her how I’m writing two separate books, in the fiction genre. Which, obviously, then made her realize why I have my blog(s) going: for future use/gains and such.

So, what I have to ask you– is this:
Have you ever experienced something similar?
What did you feel when you encountered this?
And how did you react to the situation?

You may share your thoughts if you feel like it, your comments are always more than welcome.

Thanks for staying strong and going through the whole post,

I am just writing this post script because, its my piece and, I can.