The Person in the Mirror

The Person in the Mirror

One night, as I stood there staring at my reflection in the bathroom mirror, I wondered:

“Do I really love myself?”

Nothing weird about it, I hope. But the thought just popped up into my mind.

Within a few seconds, I relived all those teenage years, where I spent most of my time wallowing and hating myself for no apparent reason.

I’ve always had low self-esteem. It may be the way I was raised. I don’t really know!

You see, where I live, we are not that big on “getting help” for keeping mentally healthy.

Anyways, somehow, I managed to live through my teenage years. Which were filled with self-doubt, loneliness, anger and all the usual things that boys go through when they hit puberty.

Made it out just fine, didn’t I?

I can’t actually be the judge of that. But I think I did okay and that I’m still doing okay.

Again, coming back to the point, I’m soon going to hit my 30s. Yeah! There are only less than two years left.

And… I don’t know if I’m mature enough for my age or that I’ll ever be.

I still struggle to appreciate the things that I had, growing up, and what I have achieved.

My achievements might not be that great in other people’s eyes. But I never really cared what anyone thinks of me.

So, I just keep on doing whatever feels right to me and keep moving forward.

Always trying to think less and act more.

But if you ask me, “Hey Ali, do you think you’re a successful person?”

I’d reply with a solid: “No!

Now, am I happy the way I am?

Yes! Definitely, yes!

I’m thankful for all that I have received and I intend to work on being happy.

Yet, again, I always wonder: “Why do I have to keep working on staying happy?”

There must be a secret to it. A way to remain happy like a child.

As soon as I get this idea in my head. I’m thinking, “Perhaps this is the very reason I don’t want to grow up!

Because being a child at heart allows me to remain happy.

Focusing less on what’s happening in my life or what I am doing. Instead, I choose to handle things as they come.

But is this really the answer?

Does being carefree as a child the right thing to do?

Perhaps, I’ll figure it out in time. Or I won’t. Who knows?

All in all, I like to think life is a pursuit of happiness. While in no way it’s a pursuit of success.

Because the term itself varies from person to person. 

Success for one could be earning a six-figure salary. For another, it could mean having more time for themselves to pursue their passion.

Again, for someone else, the term “success” could be identified as having the means to lead a simple life—away from the public eye. 

So, what do you think, reader? Does this provide you with some food for thought?

I have no idea why I’m still using postscripts. But I am! So, please, just let me “roll with it”. Anyhow, do you think my writing style has changed too much? I think it has! Of course, it’s only natural. With time everything changes. But, please, let me know whether this is a positive change or a negative one. I’ll appreciate all your assumptions and advice!  

We Are Only Human!

We Are Only Human!

People can be cruel.

After spending 28 years on Earth, that’s what I have surmised.

However, during my life, I found many to be exceptionally kind as well.

Sadly, most people forget all the kindness and focus on the things that went wrong. No one should make that mistake.

But we do, as we are—only human.

I wasn’t supposed to be writing anything today. Or, perhaps, I was supposed to write a piece for someone else.

But, somehow, that got canceled. Leaving me with lots of free time and nothing to do at all.

So, I did what I know best. I wrote. Jotted down whatever words came to me.

Hence, the creation of this post you’re reading right now.

If you have gone over any of my previous pieces, you might know that I talk about how I feel about certain things and go on rambling about them on my blog.

But what I don’t do is make it look like an actual post but a letter to my readers. So, today’s blog is a bit different than usual.

For today, I thought, I should expand on how we should be grateful for all the kind people still left in this world.

Because they are seldom found.

So, we should appreciate them while we can.

That’s why, you should reach out to your family members, friends, or mere acquaintances who have shown you great kindness over the years.

As for me, I often found kindness in people that were total strangers.

They didn’t know me, didn’t have to offer any help either. But still, they helped me out… without asking or expecting anything in return.

Giving me a lift to the University while I waited for a bus that might never come. Or, offering me their seat on a bus because they thought I looked tired or hurt.

All these small acts of kindness can mean a lot at times.

How can a person repay that kind of generosity from someone they don’t even know?

Because, now, that stranger is long gone. You might never see them again.

As that may be true. We can still try our best to help out another person in need, next time we come across one.

I try to be that kind stranger to everyone else. As some stranger, once, was for me.

Good and kind people, as many say, are going extinct!

But, that’s just not it. We are opting to be less tolerant of others and their problems.

Day after day, people are prioritizing their needs over everybody else’s. No one’s stopping or taking the time to observe what’s happening around them.

This vicious cycle needs to end.

We need to be kind to others. Especially, since the world is plagued with the Coronavirus. Making life harder for everyone, no matter where they are from or who they are.

I know it’s been a long time since I posted here. But finding time for myself and my writing has become difficult on top of keeping my day job. Still, that’s no excuse. So, if you want me to write more, I will. Oh yeah! When I talked about today in this piece, it didn’t really mean “today”. I wrote this a few days back.

Keeping Sane

Keeping Sane

It’s hard!

For quite some time now, I have been denying a crucial part of my being which is in fact being a writer. Yeah most of my life I knew for sure “I love writing.”

But somewhere along the lines I kinda fell off the wagon. It was no easy fall at that. Ending up in a ditch and then being a bitch about it can’t really solve things.

Gotta get moving… Gotta get writing… once more.

Signing off,

I still don’t know whether I’ll continue putting up posts here or just typing away on my word processor to keep it to myself. So, don’t expect anything other than the fact that I’ll be writing! When I say writing I mean for myself and my pleasure and not just for making money off of it.

A, Content, Content Writer!

A, Content, Content Writer!

Hiya All!!

How’s everyone? Doing good?

Been keeping you guys out of the loop for a long time now. But guys and girls, I landed a sweet content writing job. Hoping to excel here as a writer in ways more than one. The routine’s going to be hectic, but matters not, gotta do what you gotta do, right?

Hope you’re having a fun day, and if not, I pray that the sun shines and light up the better side of your face so you can click awesome selfies.

Signing off,

I know there wasn’t much to report and the post was just downright lame (hoping its not but one knows one’s writing best if one’s being honest with oneself). Lots of ones I know, I get it! Lastly, read my recent poem Vicious Cycle, if you got a few more minutes to spare.

Work, Family And, Friends!

Work, Family And, Friends!

Hiya! Reader,

I’ve been missing for the past couple weeks I know.

Work always comes swooping in at the wrong time to prolong my hours at the office. And then whenever I get a few holidays I run back home to spend some time with my family.

Recently, I also met my two childhood friends again, in person that is. We all talked to each other through the vast range of communication gadgets/apps we have now a days; but it’s not the same– it’s never the same.

I wish that if you’re missing your family and friends may you be able to meet them as soon as possible; as they hold the secret key to happiness for most of us out there– if not for all.

Thanks for tuning in,

First of all, I could have written ASAP but chose not to. Secondly, I really treasure my readers and try to post every once in a while to let them know about how I am doing and as to what I am up to. Finally, I love writing postscripts as it helps me to be more frank about myself, as if I am not too frank already. Hehehe!

A Lot Is Happening!

A Lot Is Happening!

Hey Reader,

I have been extremely busy lately, couldn’t even publish a post on this blog, as the title claims I have a lot going on now a days.
Loads of work related stuff and personal.
I was wondering:
How am I going through all this at once?

Anyways, I’ll get to more serious topics concerning my blog(s);
I have been asked to join another blog as a poet but I think it’ll be too much for me to handle it all right now. I don’t want to write some half baked pieces and put ’em up there on their blog, that’ll be rude to them.
What I want to know from you is this:
Do you want to see me doing poetry at another blog?
I don’t know if that’ll be a positive thing, as I already have one blog dedicated to poetry!

Also, recently, someone nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award at Words of Aqua blog. I’m thankful to them that they thought of me and my work as such.

Always thankful for your support and appreciation of my work,

I have been accused of being jealous of the writers I promote on my poetry blog by a fellow writer, even after being working hard to get their work across WordPress and Facebook. It hurts me so much when people don’t want to tell the truth about what they feel, and tend to lie; even put the blame on someone else (in this case it’s me) to not feel guilty of their own actions. I don’t know what I have done to the person that one has felt the need to act prejudiced towards me, I just wish they would have told me the truth right from the start.

Flu Hoo

Flu Hoo


Hey Readers,

You must be thinking:
‘What an unsanitary way of starting a blog post.’

Anyhow, I have got the flu recently; guessing it’s cause of the changing season.

Ahem! The things that I wanted to share with you all today are:
– A stroll at night with my friends,
– And a few words that have been bestowed upon me by my muse.

So, the stroll– it’s not that a person doesn’t stroll out at night but, we, rarely get to see a tree, within a row of trees, that is laden with flowers while the others aren’t.
Thus, asked one of my friends to take a picture of the rather odd but beautiful scene. I’ll be sharing the photo with you right after this word:

flowers on a tree at night 3 copyright
The Lone Tree Signaling Spring  (P.C. Hamza Khan)

Now, that’s said and done, I’ll proceed to the string of words my muse told me just yesterday. And she said– wait for it:

If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die.

This makes so much sense to me, and I think other writers will agree as well. If someone out there is ready to tell one’s tales: moments of life and interactions with others, one can never really die.

What do you all say?

Do let me know about your opinions/views, if you have time to spare.
Your comments are always welcome!


The Lone Tree photo has been used as the featured image for the latest post on my ‘Words of Aqua’ blog, click here to read more. Also, It’s started to get hotter as each day passes– soon it’ll be summer.

Doing Guest Posts on Words of Aqua!

Doing Guest Posts on Words of Aqua!

Hey Readers,

Finally writing about it.
The guest posts on Words of Aqua, that I have recently started doing.

You might all know that I don’t do reblogging over here on my personal blog and the other one, which is solely dedicated to poetry and prose.
So, back to what I was saying:
I don’t know why but I don’t like to reblog, at all.

Still I wanted other people’s work to get some recognition, if not a lot, so decided to have guests writers/poets/poetesses on my blog Words of Aqua.
We, me and my team @WOA, have done two posts up till now:
1. Parallel Universes (by Fiona Meyrick)
2. STRANDED (by Heidi Fraser)

Hopefully, I’ll be able to introduce more new poets/poetesses to you all.

If you want to join us as a guest writer/poet/poetess email us at:

You may let me know about your views, on my initiative, down below.
You’re most welcome to do that.

Thanks for all the support,

I have been asked to keep on writing these post scripts and so I will, but not only cause someone wants me to, as it was something I planned to do so anyway.
I’m thankful to have found myself a muse back when I did, she on the other hand 
doesn’t count herself lucky to be one though.
Also there are people who inspire me and make me write more 
and even better than before so I hope they keep on writing at their best as to keep me doing the best I can.
And may you all, writers, find people or words that inspire to do/write more as well.

Whoever Writes is a Writer, Yes? Or No?

Whoever Writes is a Writer, Yes? Or No?

Hey Reader,

Today I come to you to share one of my recent experiences.

You see I have this friend, let’s call her Ms. A, on Facebook that PMs me one day out of the blue, and asks this:
“Are you really a writer?”
I reply with: “Yes, I am.”
So then she proceeds with the response:
“Like are you published?
Can I see your work?”
and I answer her: “Of course, here are my blog(s) link(s)”.
So start providing her with the details and then she throws these words at me with a bang:
“Oh! So you are a blogger.”
Making it clear that she thinks it’s too easy to be a blogger, and perhaps bloggers are not real writers, she continues:
“I used to blog too, and I don’t even remember the link now.”

Now, maybe I was just being over analytical as usual. Thus, to save the pride I have for my writing I explained to her how I’m writing two separate books, in the fiction genre. Which, obviously, then made her realize why I have my blog(s) going: for future use/gains and such.

So, what I have to ask you– is this:
Have you ever experienced something similar?
What did you feel when you encountered this?
And how did you react to the situation?

You may share your thoughts if you feel like it, your comments are always more than welcome.

Thanks for staying strong and going through the whole post,

I am just writing this post script because, its my piece and, I can.